Civil War Claims

In 1873, Congress established the Committee on War Claims. This committee expanded on the former Committee on Revolutionary Claims to include “claims arising from any war in which the United States has been engaged.” The Committee on War Claims provided an avenue for individuals who lost property during the Civil War (1861-1865) to file for …

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Archives!

Take a look at this beautiful Thanksgiving menu from a dinner hosted for the Twentieth Infantry on November 24, 1927. This place-mat is part of the Georgia C. Coffey Family Papers. Georgia Coffey's brother, Troy, is listed on the roster as a corporal. These men were served a variety of food including oyster soup, stuffed olives, sweet …

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This Month in ETSU History

In September 1918, East Tennessee State Normal School (the previous name of ETSU) became one of several institutions that participated in a campus military program known as “Student Army Training Corps” (SATC). This program resulted from the National Defense Act of 1916 signed by President Woodrow Wilson and acted as a branch of the Reserve …

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