The Moon

Be sure to catch a glimpse of the harvest moon, which is due to arrive in the Northern Hemisphere this Saturday, September 29. According to Weather Channel meteorologists, the harvest moon occurs when “the full moon closest to the autumn equinox” rises. (For more information, see the Weather Channel’s report by clicking here.) Last week, …

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Happy Autumn!

Here is a bit of reflection on autumn by 10 year old A.B. Bowman. Notations on the back of the document indicate he wrote it for a composition assignment on October 15, 1863 in Johnson's Depot, E. Tenn. Click to enlarge or see transcription below: Transcription: "We look a round and see the beautiful trees …

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This Month in ETSU History

In September 1918, East Tennessee State Normal School (the previous name of ETSU) became one of several institutions that participated in a campus military program known as “Student Army Training Corps” (SATC). This program resulted from the National Defense Act of 1916 signed by President Woodrow Wilson and acted as a branch of the Reserve …

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