An Appalachian in Mexico

In the early nineteenth century, the idea of “Manifest Destiny” – the desire of Americans to spread the country across the continent - was popular thoughout the United States. With Texas in flux after its 1836 revolution against Mexico, some U.S. politicians and citizens believed Texas should be annexed into the union. This sentiment was also shared …

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ETSU’s Arboretum Roots

In case you missed this piece of news about ETSU's newest Arboretum additions, take a look: ETSU receives gift of two American Chestnut trees as part of a national restoration project "East Tennessee State University has been given two Restoration American Chestnut trees by the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF). The trees will be planted during …

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Rainy Day Wonderings

We felt just a bit waterlogged here at the Archives as we watched the rain fall the past few days, although it is nice to see the plants perk up. Earlier this week, we combatted a few minor leaks (no major damage, just a few ceiling tiles need replaced) due to the heavy bursts of rain. The rain …

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